May 25, 2024

Communication is a key for effective business practice. A good communication channel is a must to effectively communicate with team, clients, customers, etc. Finding a good communication mode could be a little tricky specially when every channel has their pros and cons. Email is the most used for communication in a professional world, but there are instances when emails get hacked or data leaks due to malware, etc.

There was a time when Faxing used to be the most used communication channel but then more advanced channels of communication came which are relatively faster and offer more features. In this digital age, Faxing is not there what it’s used to be and people often ask the question “Is Faxing Still Relevant”. Well, Faxing is still relevant and there are many sectors where faxing still hold relevance. Let’s dive in more into this topic.

Why Do Businesses Still Use Faxing?

Despite the advancements in communication mediums, Faxing still play and important part when it comes to sending important document. Many organizations specially medical and government offices still depend on fax to send or receive important or critical documents. In fact most of the American companies still use faxing for their important documents.

Here are some of the reasons why Faxing is still Relevant

Secure From Malware

Security is one of the major reasons why Faxing is still a part of communication in many organization. A fax cannot carry malware, it cannot contain viruses, and that’s why many businesses do faxing when it comes to transmit important or crucial documents.

Long Distance Signature

Obtaining signature over long distances are extremely tough. But faxing make it simple. If you are looking to get signatures on an important paper or document then faxing is one the fastest ways to do it.

Medical and Legal Purposes

Faxing is still used as a primary mode of communication in many medical and legal organizations from a legal standpoint. Doctors, lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals often send important medical and legal documents through Faxing because it’s more secure and reliable. Faxing is a HIPAA-approved method of sending patient information, particularly between specialists.

Rise of Digital Fax

Faxing has evolved over time, now you can send a digital fax in seconds. Now you can do faxing with any smart device with WIFI. With the rise of digital faxing, Faxes can now be sent faster than ever. With modern faxing, you can get all the benefits and rewards of faxing, and save more time. Now multiple faxes can be sent simultaneously.


Faxing is here to stay because it’s evolving with time as well. There are many advantages of faxing and that’s why it’s still relevant and in fact a majority of the business specially in medical and legal industry still use Faxing as a primary mode of communication. Faxes are safe because they don’t carry malware and viruses. It easy to get a signature on page over long distances through Faxing. To sum up, Faxing will continue to be relevant.

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