May 23, 2024

Online faxing is a solution to all major problems that are there with the traditional faxing i.e. speed, ease of access, etc. Online faxing is an updated version of a traditional faxing that allow users to send important documents electronically from anywhere, at any time. Online faxing is more like an email but it’s more secure and reliable. Online faxing comes with additional features such as you can edit, save, or sign documents without even printing or scanning them. All the work is done at ease with you computer, laptop, or any smart device.

With the rise of online faxing, the most asked question is “Is traditional faxing dead?” or Is Online Faxing An Alternative to Fax Machines?. Well traditional faxing is still there in medical and government sector. Yes, Faxing is evolving with time and now there are faster and more convenient ways to fax than it’s used to before. Traditional faxing has survived the modern communication modes be it email or social media and it will continue to evolve with time to cope with today’s generation.

What has Changed from Traditional Faxing to Online Faxing?

A lot has changes from a traditional faxing to online faxing. For traditional faxing, you need a dedicated phone line, fax machine, toner, and paper. For a traditional faxing, you need to print documents, sign them, scan them, and then send to anyone else. Similarly, to receive a fax, you need a fax machine connected to a dedicated fax line. There is a lot of manual work and hardware required for traditional faxing which makes it less relevant in today’s fast paced world.

On the other hand, Online Faxing is much faster, you can do it with your computer, laptop or tablet. You can scan documents with your smart device and upload them as an attachment to your fax. You have an option to edit or make changes in a document without even printing it. Basically, online faxing is a solution to problems that you face with traditional faxing. For online faxing, you need online faxing subscription to send and receive fax documents.

What Makes Online Faxing Stand Out in Today’s World?

Faxing is not going anywhere as it’s continuously evolve with time. Online faxing has changed the entire game and now it’s more relevant. Businesses have started using Online Faxing as an alternative to traditional fax machines because it’s more efficient, faster, and cost saver. Some of the main benefits of online faxing are discussed below to get you more familiar with it so you can make your decision.

Do it Anytime, Anywhere

Online faxing can be done from anywhere at anytime. You just need an internet connection with a computer or phone. Mobility was an issue with traditional faxing because of fax machines. Businesses need mobility when it comes to stay connected with remote workers and maintain productivity on the go.

Organized Records

With online faxing, you can better organize your documents, such as archiving, searching, and categorizing received faxes. An organized workplace is always better than a messy one.


You have to pay for the online faxing subscription fees but still it’s more cost effective because now you don’t need to bear the expenses of paper, ink, fax machines and their maintenance. There are plenty of subscription-based model with flat rates online, choose one as per your convenience.

Secure Document Transmission

High level of encryption is employed in online faxing which makes it more safe and secure. The whole idea of doing faxing is to send important documents more safely and securely. The overall security standards are pretty high in online faxing which prevents unauthorized persons from intercepting or accessing the data.


Online faxing is an updated version of traditional faxing. The world is changing very fast, the modes of communications are super fast and loaded with tons of features. Faxing is also evolving with time and the online faxing is best suited for those who wants increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved environmental sustainability for businesses of all sizes.

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