June 17, 2024

Faxing is still one of the common ways to send or receive important documents securely and quickly. Today’s generation may associate Fax Machines with old technology, but still it’s a great way to send important documents. There are several common mistakes that people often commit while sending or receiving fax that leads to delays, fax lost, insecure transmission, etc. Through this post, We’ll be discussing these common mistakes and how you can avoid them for a better quality of fax transmission.

The use of fax machines is still there in many medical and government offices where a secure mode of transmission is required to send or receive important or confidential documents. For better transmission of fax, you must understand the common mistakes that can happen, let’s understand the different type of mistakes that can happen and how you can avoid them. We’ve also shared quick tips for improving the fax quality.

Common Faxing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are a lot of mistakes that can happen while sending or receiving fax. Mistakes hamper the faxing experience, there could be long delays, lost transmission, insecure transmission, etc. Understand the common mistakes that can happen and learn how to tackle them.

Bad Connection

Poor connection is one of the most common issue that can happen during fax transmission. There could many reasons for poor connection such as weak phone line, poor quality fax machine, etc. Due to the poor connection, you may not be able to connect with recipient’s fax machine which leads to transmission failure.

Dialling the Wrong Number

Dialing the wrong number is another common mistake. You need to first write down the recipient’s fax number, make sure to double check it before dialing the number. Confirm with the recipient that they have provided the correct fax number before sending a fax.

Overloading Issue

Do not overload the fax machine with several faxes at one time. Overloading the fax machine may lead to delays in transmission, lost fax, etc. You need to test the loading capacity of your fax machine and use it accordingly.

Paper Jam

This is another common issue that can lead to fax lost or damaged. This happens due to a fault in fax machine or incorrect paper size. Make sure to use a correct paper size and fix your fax machine if there is any fault in it.

Memory Issue

You need to check the memory capacity of a fax machine and your document should be in that capacity. If your document size exceeds the memory limit that a machine may not be able to store the entire document which further leads to failed transmission.

Lack of a Cover Sheet

Many people commit a mistake a not using a fax cover sheet. Make sure to attach a cover sheet with the contact information of the sender and receiver. A cover sheet ensures that a fax gets to the correct person and it also let a recipient know what type of fax has come his way and what action is required from his or her side. Using a cover sheet is one of the ways to improve the quality of your fax transmission and make it more professional.

So these are some of the common issues that you may face while sending or receiving fax. For better fax transmission, you must be aware of these issues and know how to prevent them.

Quick Tips for Improving Fax Quality

Here a quick tips for improving the quality of your fax transmission. Keep these things on your checklist for a better transmission of fax.

  • Ensure good connectivity
  • Clean the scanner bed
  • Use good-quality paper
  • Check the resolution settings
  • Check the ink or toner levels
  • Switch to online fax


Faxing is one of the secure and reliable ways to send or receive important documents. Do not let few mistakes ruin your faxing experience. Make sure to have the right equipment and understand the common mistakes for a seamless fax transmission. We have already shared common mistakes that one can do while using fax machines, if you are doing online faxing then make sure to choose a good faxing service. Keep checking this site for free fax cover sheet templates and tips for enhancing your faxing experience.

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